What this site is all about.

I grew up in a Christian home. My father is a retired Protestant pastor, and very early on I was taught that God created the earth and all there is on it, and the whole universe. At the same time, I spent my fist 21 years of life in Communist Romania, and attended state schools where evolution was taught ad nauseam. These experiences ensured that I became aware of and interested very early on in the tension between what my religion taught and what evolutionary scientists promoted. Over the years, I continued to read and think about these issues. More recently, I have seen some members of my own church, as well as other Christian churches, embrace some tenets of evolution, at the expense of losing their belief in God, or at least having to perform some drastic changes in the way the understand and worship God.

This is an important issue. I am going to try to address here why I think evolution is far from being an established scientific fact, despite serious efforts from its proponents for over a century and a half to present it as such, and what I believe are some of the more important reasons why I believe a marriage between Christianity and evolution is untenable.

But first, a disclaimer: I think I am humble and educated enough to recognize this is not going to be an exhaustive discussion of this subject; rather, it is a small collection of my reflections on it. My time is very limited, and so is my ability to post new articles. In addition, I am perfectly comfortable admitting there are questions for which I do not have clear answers, such as, for example, how to reconcile the apparent long rock ages with the creation account of Genesis, when taken literally.