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Honey Bees and Humans Share Social Genetic Profile
Sept 30, 2017

Honey Bees and Humans Share Social Genetic Profile

A discussion of a recent article documenting profoundly unexpected genetic similarities between antisocial honey bees and humans with autism spectrum disorders, and its implications for evolutionary theory and future research.

Rewriting Evolution History
Jan 15, 2015

Rewriting Evolution History

In this article I argue that there is a limit to how many times the phylogenetic tree of life can be torn down and rebuilt, before it ends up being nothing else than an icon of a theory that lacks a cohesive mechanism, with no truly scientific facts to back it up.

RNA Processing Wonders
December 28, 2014

RNA Processing Wonders

Today we know that RNA undergoes significant post-transcription changes, before it is translated into protein(s). These modifications are performed by molecular machines. It is hard to avoid the obvious impression of design, purpose and elegance when looking at the way these machines work.

Is God A Designer?
November 1, 2014

Is God A Designer?

Under the influence of neo-Darwinian ideas of evolution, some Christians (including no lesser ones than Pope Francis) are increasingly changing their image of God from an active Creator to a Deity that allowed evolution to do the work. But is such a vision warranted?

Evolution fundamentalism and activism
October 31, 2014

Evolution Fundamentalism & Activism

A discussion of the unusual passion, akin to the zeal of religious fundamentalism, that some evolution activists display, and why this can be a manifestation of the intrinsic vulneerability of the theory of evolution.

October 22, 2014

Evolution Goes To Vegas

Could a complex organ such as the eye have evolved through random mutations? Are beneficial mutations capable of adding new genetic information?


are humans still evolving

Are Humans Still Evolving?

Some real facts on human evolution.

According to a leading evolution site, "human evolution is the lengthy process of change by which people originated from apelike ancestors [...] and evolved over a period of approximately six million years."

The statement above is based on evolutionary assumptions, and is made to look credible mainly because there are similarities (morphological, genetic, behavioral, etc.) humans share with primates.

This amazing transition was supposedly made possible by mutations in the DNA of our ancestors.

In this article, I examine the issue of genetic mutations in the human population, whether beneficial mutations that purportedly add new genetic information really happen, and question whether 6 million years of "change" is enough time for human evolution to occur.

About Evolution Issues

Who, why, how, what, and some other things you wanted to know about evolution issues ...


I am a primary care physician living and practicing in the United States. I was born and spent the fist 21 years of my life in Romania, where I attended Communist state schools. Evolution was taught ad nauseam in all the schools I went to. On the other hand, I was raised up in a Christian home. My father is a retired neo-Protestant pastor. Very early on, I was taught that God created the earth and all there was on it, and the whole universe. This tension caused me to examine these issues from various angles, throughout my entire education. To this day, I have kept a keen interest in this tension between biblical Christianity and evolution.


As I just said, I have become aware of and interested in the tension between what my religion taught and what evolutionary activists promoted very early on. Over the years, I have continued to read and think about these issues. More recently, I have seen some members of my own church, as well as from other Christian churches, embrace some or all tenets of evolution, at the expense of losing their faith in God, or at least having to perform some drastic changes in the way the understand and worship God. It has been a sobering experience for me to see how efficient the theory of evolution has been, in some cases, in making people who used to call God their father, become completely disillusioned with Christianity. As I have two young children of my own, helping them grow up believing in Christ as their Creator and Savior, has become one of the core aspects of my responsibility as a parent.


I have taken enough time (some, like my wife, may even say too much time :-)) to examine various aspects of the neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory to get a clear sense of what is out there. In addition, given my profession, I am familiar with the way the human body works, and how its various systems and organs are designed to work together. I have also always been very interested in genetics. These insights are, in my opinion, very valuable when evaluating at evolutionary claims and issues, and they make it a lot easier to see their weaknesses.

I try to make things as simple as possible, so that a majority of my readers can understand what I'm trying to say. This can come at the price of sounding too simplistic, at times, for some of the more educated readers, and if you happen to be one of them, I hope you will understand why I do that. The other thing I want to say here is that, while there are many other good quality creationist sites on the web, I strive for a unique approach.


My site is unique in that it provides practical, easy to understand answers to the perceived tension between belief in the Bible and 21st century science, from a physician's perspective.

I want you to join me and take a look at what is really out there, when we lift the veil of carefully crafted statements, technical lingo and stories full of magical language, and to have the epiphany I had time and again when I looked at what the evidence for evolution really was, which is that evolution is based more on undisciplined imagination (as a famous scientist once said) than on scientific fact.

I am going to show you why evolution is far from being an established scientific fact, despite serious efforts from its proponents for over a century and a half to present it as such, and what I believe are some of the more important reasons why a marriage between Christianity and evolution is untenable.